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Break Free from the Other Side: Visualizing Rupert Simeon

When does working remotely in an administrative role become worth living? This might be the most guile question anyone can ask for renowned freelance office employees. Still, when you hound yourself for a virtual assistant career, this will undoubtedly have an impact on you and your family's lifelong success.

The minimum height clearance of the computer screen is set. Mounted straight to his eye level, the device makes a short morning impression as Rupert Paul Montecillo Simeon holds the mouse strewn over his desk, clasps the keyboard in his front, and pours his mouth with a drink for the common man — a cup of joe to kick off the parading office hunchbacks.

A 28-year-old husband, who recently had a baby girl, Rupert is one of Ripple VAs’ promising employees who visualizes himself as someone who could someday share his expertise and craft in graphics design to the company’s future virtual assistants. Working as a neophyte in the league, this man admits that although he’s not yet on the “expert level,” he vies to boost himself and move forward.

With his ability to nurture personal connections and bring wisecracks to the air, he best fits as an authentic partner to his clients. Rupert studied Chemical Engineering, although he’s always mused in working as a graphics designer. A graduate of the University of St. Lasalle–Bacolod, he was more than willing and receptive to work on how certainty may serve him. His mother's perseverance and growth earned a profound impact on him.

Born on March 26, 1992, Rupert is raised by his single mother, Judith Simeon, who has been working as an engineer.

“How she handles to provide her four children’s needs as a single mother is what I am looking up as I stride forward in life,”

Rupert shares as he explores a realistic definition of himself.

“And the new one is Jez Perez [Ripple VAs’ CEO] on how she has managed to sleep with her busy schedule,” he adds.

Indeed, besides managing one’s time, someone who works from home has to be self-motivated to get work done. For Rupert, Ripple VAs has taught him that there are always new opportunities and blessings from God. Jez’s abundance mentality fuels him to be more appreciative, creative and focused on collaboration amid the laborious threshold brought by the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As he began working for the company in August, Rupert has been pleased with Ripple VAs’ approachable management and described the atmosphere as valuable in intensifying one’s morale, especially for the first-time VAs like him. He confessed how it has been different from his past job experience where a seemingly monotonous, rough, and tremendous trek led him to seek external stimulation — a new job or person to inspire him.

“When I was chosen as the Virtual Assistant of the Week, it’s a cloud nine experience for me because it’s good to be acknowledged, especially when you’re doing something you love. When you are giving your best but still unsure if you’re doing it right, but then you get [something like] a “job well done.” [It’s] something I never heard while working in my previous tedious job,” Rupert rounded up.

Committed to change the way he works and pursue process improvements, Rupert believes in the motto: “‘Pag kaya ng iba, ipagawa mo sa kanila.” (If others can do the job, let them do it.)

Minutes after glancing at his computer screen, Rupert’s coffee immediately refreshed his senses. In a moment, the reason for his productivity sounds a little like it's the exact coffee he’s drinking each day. All the way from Limay, Bataan, exists a man without a rue in his heart; only a pert spirit who won’t shy away from new ground.


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