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Seed of Sequoia CEO’s Testimony to Ripple VAs

Jocelyn Chong is the founder and CEO of Seed to Sequoia. She is also an award-winning and #1 International Bestselling Author. Known to be a ray of hope for entrepreneurs, Jocelyn is a warm and fearless coach who is passionate in helping people become more productive without working long hours.

Through her MBA and background in high-level sales, leadership and management, Jocelyn has been performing in the best way possible as a business and financial advisor to over 500 entrepreneurs over the last twenty years. Her clients love her instinctive ability to uncover the core problems stifling their growth — and her easy-to-digest and practical methods have empowered them to unlock their full potential.

Known to many for her fun, bubbly, and unapologetically ambitious attitude, Jocelyn has been successful in her mission to help business leaders tap into their true purpose while scaling their business with feel-good strategies and intuitive guidance. She has been featured in Thrive Global, Digital Journal, FOX,,, The Times, and Finance News World.

Her success can be attributed to her experiences with virtual assistants. Ever since she decided to give Ripple VAs a shot, her work-and-life balance could not even be better. Her VA eases the workload she has by assisting Jocelyn with her online courses, graphic design needs, and her podcast.

She appreciates how virtual assistants from Ripple are excellent in their craft and are trained to support their clients in an efficient and effective manner. To note, Jocelyn particularly loves the responsiveness and timeliness of her virtual assistant. “They have a helpful, polite, and collaborative approach”, she added as she described her positive experience with Ripple VAs.

Working with Ripple has been a breath of fresh air for Jocelyn. Her VA, Karen Gonzaga, has been with her since September 2020 and everything has been wonderful between the both of them. In fact, she left her VA a message: “Thank you Karen for your hard work, reliability and support. I really appreciate your positive attitude.”

Jocelyn continues to be pleasantly surprised with how reliable Ripple Virtual Assistants are and how they complete tasks at a high standard. Thus, CEO and International Best Selling author Jocelyn Chong recommends Ripple VAs as a wise investment for business owners who are working long hours, juggling many tasks, but still wanting to grow their business.


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