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At Ripple VAs, we are committed not only to provide quality service suiting the clients’ business needs but also promoting growth and development among our virtual assistants. We know that the most significant contributor to our success is always our people.

Each of our virtual assistants has their own distinctive story of their journey to and with Ripple.

We take pride in our virtual assistants and appreciate their earnest efforts. So, we interviewed some of them to learn about their Ripple Stories. Below are three of the success stories of our team members:


“Ripple helped me grow as a person, not only physically, mentally, and intellectually, but also spiritually.”

I was an Interdisciplinary Student at the University of St. La Salle with a background in Mass Communications and Psychology. Eventually, I worked as a Kaizen Officer at a certain car company here in our place. However, the pandemic made me realize that I needed to be with my family to make them feel safe and help them during this unprecedented crisis.

I quit my 8 am to 5 pm corporate job last year as a result of the pandemic. With this, I encountered a problem on how to make money while you are at home. So I looked for a home-based job that would suit my previous work experience. Fortunately, I have friends who are already working at Ripple VAs, and they suggested and referred me to apply to the company.

My journey in Ripple was a continuous learning opportunity. Every time I start my day, I always learn something. Being a VA is an exciting job as I learn new tools and meet new people, including my fellow virtual assistants and clients.

While working in the company, I have realized that there is a big difference between a company that is driven by money and a company that is God-centered. If asked what my biggest win is, being hailed as one of the VAs of the Week is already a milestone for me. As a virtual assistant at Ripple, I learned that I should not be afraid of failing because failures are part of success and growth.

My message for those who wish to become a VA like me is to train yourself to learn something new every day and never fear failure.


“My journey with Ripple has truly taught me a lot.”

I took up Psychology at the University of San Carlos, and ever since I started my career, I had been drawn to the field of recruitment. Before working at Ripple VAs, I worked for four years in the Recruitment for three different companies. I also worked for two years as an executive assistant for a telecom company.

The pandemic was a gear-shifter. My previous employer had to let people go as business was not doing well. With the help of a colleague from my previous company, I found out about Ripple VAs, and I decided to take a shot and applied. With nothing but hope, I experienced the biggest unexpected plot twist of my pandemic experience Ripple VAs.

I can say that my journey as a virtual assistant, especially with Ripple, has been a rollercoaster journey filled with new experiences and learnings. The months I spent with Ripple taught me a lot - so much that it could even equate, if not exceed, the knowledge from being in the corporate world for years already.

I consider my whole experience as a VA so far as very significant. I see myself as a newbie in the industry; hence, every experience with Ripple, big or small, has impacted my life. Honestly, I find the schedule shift challenging since I never tried working on a graveyard shift before. However, as time passed by and through constant practice, I managed my time well and eventually adapted to the sudden shift.

I want to share my Ripple Story, including my wins. Being with Ripple VAs is already a huge win for me, and I am always thankful for the opportunity and blessing. Secondly, I am honored to share my win for being hailed as VA of the Week twice. I constantly feel I’m winning every time my output gets praised by the client. Just recently, I assisted my client in her first-ever virtual summit where I was in charge of everything - and I see that as a win for myself.

My whole journey as a VA at Ripple taught me not to wait for opportunities but to work for them. There is a gratifying feeling of seeing how much you have grown as a whole, and believe me when I say it builds up your confidence and self-worth. So for those who wish to become a virtual assistant, do not limit your capabilities of what you can and cannot do. Always be open and adjust to new ideas, for this will lead to growth. Being a VA is a constant challenge of self-improvement and continuous learning.


“Ripple made me feel appreciated and helped me showcase my creativity.” It is my first time working as a virtual assistant, and I thank Ripple VAs for their trust. I was a chemical engineer at Petron Refinery before losing my job last October 2019. I was one of the affected individuals in the manpower reduction of my company due to the dispute between the union and the management.

Initially, I planned to work in the oil and gas industry abroad, but due to the pandemic, I remained jobless in the Philippines until my best friend introduced Ripple to me. Honestly, I had no idea about being a virtual assistant, but I still gave it a shot and applied.

While working as a virtual assistant at Ripple, I found out that you could learn so much more about business, and you could help contribute to the growth of the business as a virtual assistant.

My journey as a virtual assistant can resemble studying in college, where I get to choose what I like to do. In my case, I am free to choose what I would like to work on, and I learn a lot and improve my skills along the way.

In the beginning, I was having difficulties as there were a lot of tools and platforms in the industry that I am not familiar with. Still, with constant help and support from our management and fellow VAs, I gained confidence and knowledge. Here in Ripple, as a graphic artist, I always feel appreciated, and I can also feel the camaraderie as we can always count on my Ripple family for help whenever we need it. These are things rarely seen and achieved in a typical company.

I experienced a lot of wins as a VA in Ripple. I feel victorious whenever I receive positive feedback from my clients for the work I do. I even had experience in audio editing, which I’m not an expert of, where my client was enjoying it very much. She even kept asking for more, that even a project which initially was at 13 minutes long actually turned into something as long as 40 minutes. For me, I seek happiness and victory whenever I know that my client is happy.

My experiences as a VA and as part of Ripple taught me not to be afraid of trying new things, and that learning never ends. They taught me that I could constantly improve on myself. So, I recommend being a virtual assistant. This could be the best work-from-home experience you could ever have. Just believe in yourself and put your heart into it, as God will always be there to guide you.


Each of our virtual assistants has a story to tell. We recognize that every individual holds a different perspective, a unique background, and an endless potential - and here in Ripple, we value every one of them. They have shared their Ripple Stories. What’s yours?


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