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RIPPLE NEWS: Mission Dep't raises 39 mentors; creates mentorship booklet for new applicants

To amplify the core of its mission leg, Ripple VAs' Mentorship Program increased its total number of mentors for First Quarter (Q1) of 2022 to 39.

The 39 mentors – comprising 25 from Ripple VAs Main, eight from Ripple VAs-Batangas, and six from Ripple VAs-Murcia – facilitate the company's virtual assistants (VAs) in upholding their faith in God through a mentoring relationship.

According to Ripple VAs Mission Department Head Stella Geraldez, God's Word is central to every mission activity they execute.

Without the mentorships, she said it will be difficult for them to efficiently spread the Good News and help the VAs put their faith into action.

In the Q1 of 2022, Geraldez noted that they refined the company's mentorship system, including in its two satellite offices, after some mentees raised concerns about schedule conflicts.

"The most common issue [the mentors report to us] is that their mentees' schedules clash with the mentorship session schedules [for each team]. Hence, we negotiate with the mentees and transfer them to a team that fits their schedule," Geraldez said.

Geraldez added that they are continuously refining their processes to strengthen the mentorships and for everyone to have a chance to experience a "spiritual breakthrough."

Notably, Ripple VAs Chief Executive Officer Jezrel Perez emphasized last year's Fourth Quarter company-wide meeting with hopes that all mentees would undergo a "spiritual breakthrough" by applying as mentors.

With this, the Mission Department developed a booklet in collaboration with Chief Operations Officer Shana Manzano to boost the mind-setting of mentor applicants.

The booklet contained the company's purpose of having a mentorship, its benefits for the VAs, mentorship scheduling, and an overview of mentorship sessions.

Geraldez said the department is also training its mentors to reinforce their skills.

"We just had a meeting about the new mentor's training flow. We will start the training as soon as we finish creating the modules," Geraldez said.

The department head further said they aim to raise more mentors this year and develop VAs to be Godly leaders in and outside Ripple.

Eight VAs have presently expressed their desire and sent their application to become new mentors.

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