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RIPPLE NEWS: Ripple VAs closes successful Q1 2022 with 194 new clients

Ripple VAs, a leading Cebu-based virtual assistance company in the Philippines, closed the First Quarter (Q1) of 2022 with 194 new clients, logging 713 total clients as of March 2022.

According to Internal Support Department Head Cathlene Ayacaide, this number of closed clients implies that the company's process of generating leads and marketing strategy is working.

"Ripple managed to reach that number because we always look at how we can cater good services to our clients and it has a ripple effect on others as well," Ayacaide said.

Ayacaide explained that while having a high rate of closed clients is significant, retaining them and ensuring that the quality service level provided is progressing is more important.

During Q1, the department drilled into a new strategy of making the company's [client] packages and processes work better for the VAs by implementing a change in them.

"However, the setback was that the new client package and process did not work, and we had to return to the old one. Nevertheless, the good that came out of that experience was that we knew what works for the company and that we'll have to stick to it for now," Ayacaide stressed.

She added: "We are a big believer in change and are constantly thinking of ways to improve processes inside the company."

For the new quarter, the department shared that they strive for all VAs to achieve their personal and professional goals through the company.

"As we accumulate the number of clients, we want to have an environment for all VAs so that they are heard. Their success is Ripple's success as well," Ayacaide furthered.


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