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Ripple’s Mentorship Program

Ripple Mentorship is the heartbeat and pulse of the company. The major purpose is to present one person totally in Christ, generate new mentors and leaders, and inspire by equipping one person with the Word of God. This is also the most effective approach to developing company leaders and achieving the organization's vision and objective.

Another way to look at the Ripple Mentorship is to make an effect on others and assist them in growing not only professionally but also spiritually. In a nutshell, it means sharing victories, gratitude, testimonials, and reflections. All onboarded VAs are automatically enrolled in the Mentorship Program. They can either be full-time, part-time, or project-based work. Non-Christians can participate in a mentorship program. Employees who refuse to participate in the Ripple Mentorship Program will be off-boarded from the company. Each VA will be assigned a mentor, and they will be a part of the mentorship program for as long as they work for Ripple, which is a lifetime commitment.

Mentors, they submit modules and subjects for their topics at each mentorship session. When a person desires to be a mentor, he or she will become one and must first complete the Amazing Grace Series and write a letter of intent to before deciding. As a mentor, this person does not consider himself or herself to be "hireling," meaning that this individual will only mentor if he or she is compensated. The basic goal is to obey God alone, and it is not all about money. However, as a token of gratitude to all mentors, and because they are Ripple's primary business partners, they will set up a profit-sharing method and shoulder their government remittances.

Lastly, how do you go about being a mentor? Ripple emphasizes that one should always make himself or herself approachable, humble, and teachable. Being a mentor allows this individual to grow closer to God, and it is an honor to be used by God to impact other people's lives. It is also a great fulfillment to obey Jesus' charge to "go and make disciples." It may need a lot of sacrifices, but rest confident that his or her efforts will not be in vain.


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