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Ripple's Mentorship Program: Jane’s Act of Faith

"My experience with my Creator has inspired me to pursue a career as a mentor. He gives me clarity and motivation to pursue my higher calling," Jane said.

Resyl Jane Noynay is one of the passionate VA mentors of Ripple's Mentorship program. Jane shared that being a mentor scared her at first. However, she trusted the process. It's not about becoming a skilled mentor in a snap. It's about experiencing God first because she knew that one couldn't give what one doesn't have.

She admitted that she was nervous because she didn't personally meet the virtual assistants in person. Yet, she reminded herself of her purpose. It was to share with her fellow VAs the Goodnews or the Word of God to lead/guide them and have a deep relationship with Him.

Resyl revealed that by putting God first before other things, she's able to balance her work and personal life.

Moreover, Ripple's Mentorship program dealt a great impact on her life. It helped her to move out of her comfort zone gradually. She said, "You cannot lead other people if you cannot lead yourself first."

"That's why I am forever grateful for this opportunity to share the Gospel with other VAs, and I am also excited to witness their growth through this mentorship program."

In the same way, Resyl described the program as her "Support System" because it aided her spiritually, physically, and emotionally.

She acknowledged that her encounter in the mentorship allowed her to manifest it in her professional life. Together with her mentees, she learned how to handle wins and difficulties by trusting the Lord in everything. They rely not only on their collaborative strength but they are also reminded that their strength comes from the Lord.

Finally, her advice to other VAs seeking to balance their professional and spiritual lives is to allow God to intervene and work in their lives rather than limit Him. She advised against focusing solely on themselves or fleeting events.

“Always make time to study God's Word and have a personal relationship with Him. Once someone has a relationship with God, they will experience transformation, which will naturally manifest in their professional lives,” she reckoned.


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