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Ripple Training — The Process of Improving

Ripple VAs is known for its vision to create a positive ripple effect on the community. One of their missions is to produce purpose-driven talents to boost a business's success. That’s why it is no surprise that the company initiated a program that improves the skills of its VAs.

Ripple Training is a new department in Ripple VAs, and it manages the training part to improve the quality of its virtual assistants. In its pilot training last December 9, 25 graduates, who are new VAs of the company, underwent three topics and were divided into four different classes. The topics consisted of social media management, lead generation, and Kajabi. Section Matthew, Section Mark, Section Luke, and Section John were the four classes.

The Chief Training Officer of the department is none other than Jayne Caranto, who is also the instructor for the three essential skills taught in the first training. Jayne said that aside from the benefits the VAs will get from the training programs, the people who will make the most of this process are the clients, who will be the firsthand receivers of the VAs’ enhanced skills.

1. The start of something more

Ripple VAs CEO, Jez Perez, was adamant for the training to start as soon as the company designated Jayne as the Chief Training Officer. Jez wanted to help the Executives, who entered Ripple through its ministry arm, acquire the skills to become more reliable VAs.

2. The premise of the program

The training syllabus consists of four chapters. The first chapter is about the ins and outs of Ripple, where its history, mission, vision, and company’s internal process are some of the subtopics. The second chapter discusses social media management, which teaches content creation and the differences between social media management and marketing. The third chapter discusses lead generation, including appointment setting and sales calls. The last chapter introduces Kajabi, including its facets and how-tos.

3. The step-by-step process

The process of being a trainee in the program is easy and convenient. Chief Training Officer Jayne said that first, they would have to fill out a Google Form. Next, Jayne will send an email with the link to their Google classroom and their Skype chat group. Lastly, they will only have to wait for the schedule of their classes, and voila! They can now be part of the training program.

Jayne emphasized that the current training program caters to the company’s virtual assistants who have been in Ripple for three months or less now. The department expects to commence its second training program for new VAs on the 4th week of January.


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