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Student VA Feature: Cath Ayacaide and Her Continuing Journey

When the pandemic hit two years ago, she paused her studies. Now, she has come back to being a student with more vigor and a lot of perseverance.

Cathlene Ayacaide, also known as Cath, is a junior Business Administration Major in Finance Management student at the University of Cebu—on top of being an Officer and Virtual Assistant in Ripple VAs.

Cath shared that her life as a student and as a VA in Ripple is quite challenging. Her body clock devotes her mornings to studying and her evenings to working. However, it is crystal clear for Cath that no matter what, she wants to go back to her studies while still pursuing work, in which she finds enjoyment and growth. Hence, she took the challenge of balancing two responsibilities every day.

As a working student, Cath has a separate time for her studies and her work in her daily routine. She sets her alarm clock ten minutes before her classes and makes sure to sleep at three or four in the morning after her work shift. Planning is an essential tool for Cath.

She also shared that Ripple VAs’ Management immensely supports her endeavors. “I asked permission from the Management if I can adjust my working hours so I can also focus on my studies. And gladly, they are very supportive. Ripple always makes sure that I don't get behind in my school work while doing my best at work,” Cath said.

You will be amazed to know that this 22-year-old student VA excels both ways. In her studies, Cath remains a top student. At work, she was promoted as the Chief Internal Support Officer in Ripple VAs only after a year of working in the company. She also summarized her earnings as a pretty good one, from which she can pay her tuition fee and give back to her parents.

In having working students in a company, Cath said that the advantage lies in their up-to-date knowledge of trends and adaptability in the modern world.

For Cath, the most important thing she learned from Ripple VAs that is essential in her studies is handling pressure, presenting problems and providing solutions, and being initiative. Meanwhile, accomplishing tasks before the school deadlines trained her to excel at work on time.

There might have been times when Cath wanted to sacrifice one responsibility to focus on another. Still, she remained steadfast with the endeavors that gave her significant growth, discipline, and determination.

“Let God be your partner. No matter how busy you are juggling things, don't exchange your time with Him. Many working students are pressured right now because of their workloads, but only in Jesus can you find true rest physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Be intimate with God that it's easy for you to talk to him of all the things that happened to you all day, that even when it's a tiring day, you know that your strength is being restored,” Cath shared.


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