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[VA FEATURE] Ana Marie Mirambel

An Independent Wonder Woman — Manifesting Excellence and Greatness

With a strong sense of self, independent women can confront life's difficulties with a brave heart. Like everyone else, Ana Marie is also terrified of failing, but more than anything, she is afraid of going through life without achieving everything that they might have accomplished. She has an unyielding "I-can-do-anything" personality and a vigorous pursuit of greatness.

After graduating High school at 16, Ana had to leave home and find a job to support her family's financial needs. She went back to college at the age of 20 and successfully earned her bachelor's degree. In line with her degree and passion for serving the people, Ana took the civil service exam. She got the opportunity to work in the government service for seven long years.

Ana's virtual assistant experience began when a former coworker recommended Ripple. Because she, too, wanted to become a VA, she had the fortitude to test her mettle in a different industry other than the one in which she had previously worked. Ana struggled at first because of the wide range of skill sets and abilities required to deal with various clients. Still, she eventually became acquainted with and even mastered the fundamental competencies that a VA should possess.

"Looking back on my seven years of experience in the government service where pains, struggles, and fears were evident is somehow a never missed opportunity because right now, my experiences have given me so much room to grow. This is an opportunity to be in another industry. This must be the other road not taken!"

She describes her experience in Ripple as exciting, challenging, and fun. She was able to meet the people of God who are happy to help her with her struggles, may it be in work or life. She also enjoys the flexibility that freelancing has brought into her life.

The history of brokenness, bondages and tangible fears slowly disappeared when Ana joined Ripple. She now has more time with the ministry and her family. Indeed, Ripple is an opportunity for freedom.

"Ripple Family has been so good to me as a new VA; I am here because of this family. I want to do more because this family deserves more!" she said.

Ana's character has been shaped by Ripple VAs, who has also helped her develop her spiritual side. Apart from the emotional fulfillment, she also achieved a financial breakthrough with Ripple, although she was a newcomer to the company.

Ana has shown that if you believe in yourself and God, you can face any difficulty head-on and overcome it. She regularly provides excellent support to her clients and upholds the company's objective and vision in all she does. As an example to other VAs, her story serves as an inspiration. In her message, she encourages anyone interested in becoming a virtual assistant.

"There's nothing others can do that you can't; you might not be able to do everything they can do, but believe me, there is something in you that will make you a history maker!"


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