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[VA FEATURE] Divina Nacar — Standing Still and Trusting God

Simplicity defines the disposition in the life of Divina Cabaluna Nacar.

This 29-year-old VA from Cebu City has been with Ripple for eight (8) months now, and one of the most memorable experiences she had was when she became one of the company’s mentors.

Before having a career in Ripple, Divina worked as a Customer Service Representative in another company. Now that she’s in Ripple, she shared that the highlight of her life is handling a mentorship team, empowering people to have a relationship with God, and experiencing the Word of God.

Growing up being the second eldest in the family, Divina shared that it allowed her to experience becoming a breadwinner. This situation taught her to become mature, independent, and strong as a provider.

“It was never easy, but I'm forever grateful to God for His continuous goodness and faithfulness in my life. Indeed, all glory and honor belong to Him alone,” Divina said.

A typical working day for Divina is to indulge in her workspace set-up at home, checking her emails, doing the tasks assigned to her, and completing them before ending her shift. Her routine also includes doing daily devotions right after she wakes up and tending to some household errands and chores.

Every single day, Divina motivates herself by the calling that God has given. Being able to help her family and friends and giving back to her church is also her fuel to get through each hour of hustling. On days when she doesn’t work, she rejuvenates herself by traveling, watching beautiful sceneries, going to the beach, and doing outdoor activities.

For Divina, her most compelling experience that has changed her outlook in life was when she accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior. Way back, Divina only trusted and leaned on her strength, and this made her tired. She realized that she is never alone and that he has a big God whom she can trust and lean on for guidance and wisdom.

The quote she lives by every day is from Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths."

Being in Ripple helps Divina grow holistically as a person. With mentorship as the company's heart, she treasures its culture and how it benefits VAs like her along the way.

“Ripple is not just a company. I consider it as an avenue of opportunities, allowing me to experience growth not just with the career but most importantly in the spiritual aspect of life,” Divina shared.


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