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VA FEATURE: Melvie Ayacaide - Words of Wisdom from a Wise Woman

Wisdom is one of the best attributes someone can possess. It cannot be taught to anybody. It cannot be found in books as it is not a documented academic fact. It is discovered through experiences and numerous shortcomings. Words of wisdom are crucial to spark the fire within a person. Melvie is one of few gifted people who can bring out the hidden talents and skills in a person — her choice of words can fuel a person’s drive and passion for working.

Melvie Ayacaide is a graduate of BS in Accounting Technology from CIT-University. She’s also the eldest in the family. One of the qualities that separate Melvie from other people is her ability to inspire. The exquisite sense of beauty and excellent work ethic Melvie show makes others admire her. The heart of a leader allows her to find new solutions to old problems. With her multiple qualities, she is the Chief Financial Officer of the Ripple Company.

Before joining Ripple VAs, Melvie already envisioned herself becoming a virtual assistant. She was working as a full-time employee back then. However, Ripple’s CEO Jez Perez approached and encouraged her to be part of the company. Right there and then, she considered the offer as God’s answered prayer to her. The windows of opportunity suddenly opened and allowed her to experience a financial breakthrough and achieve her dream to become a virtual assistant.

Moreover, Melvie did not stop striving after achieving her dream of becoming a virtual assistant and being blessed with the CFO's position. She became more driven and passionate about her job. Melvie also started mentoring aspiring virtual assistants who want to join the team. She gave them motivation and words of wisdom to spark their willingness to work.

This quote from the bible has been the anchor of Melvie’s drive for work, Colossians 3:23 Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters. She said: “Every time I read this verse, I am reminded to see every work according to God’s perspective and to do each task with love. When I get weary, I meditate on this verse again, so I will be reminded that I am doing everything for the Lord and not for anyone else. It really helps me to do my best in everything that I do.” Aside from that quote, one thing that keeps her on top of all of the tasks is that she always jots down to her notebook. She makes sure she writes down her schedule, so she will not forget.

The work ethics that Melvie exhibits is definitely noteworthy. She emphasized being proactive — making sure to provide solutions rather than presenting problems. She said: “I don’t want to let my clients wait for any updates or solutions but I always make sure that I keep them updated.”

Ripple VAs demonstrated Melvie's resolve in life and dreams. The Virtual Assistant industry allowed Melvie to create hopes and reach financial fulfillment. And of course, it allows Melvie to grasp the idea of a virtual company. With her goal in life — to inspire and to build her own company.

Indeed, Melvie is a perfect fit for Ripple. With her ability to fuel the fire from other VA and problem-solving skills, we can say that she’s one of a kind. She also added that the Ripple became her family. According to her, there are a lot of special things about this company — especially the culture. She said, “I love the culture of integrating the mentorship sessions that allows us to grow professionally and spiritually. I also love the culture of celebrating each other’s wins and successes, and I love how the VAs show respect to each other.”

There are millions of reasons why people like Melvie. Many freelancers admire her commitment and sense of duty. Indeed, Melvie is one of God's vessels to inspire others. She continuously motivates aspiring virtual assistants who want to follow in her footsteps. To all the Virtual Assistants who are in the doldrums of doubts. Melvie has a message for all of you: “Our work is a platform where God can use us to create a ripple effect to other people and to be an instrument of filling this earth with the knowledge of who God is. True success in life can only be experienced when we have God and as we allow Him to mold us to be the best version of ourselves for His glory. Don’t give up when you experience struggles but make it an opportunity to do your best even more. Always embrace mistakes and learn from them because it will allow you to grow with experience. Have that can-do attitude because it will allow you to go out of your comfort zone and learn many skills that will become valuable to clients. Lastly, Love your work and connect it to God so you can have a satisfying work that lasts.”

This is Melvie Ayacaide — a wise woman with inspiring words of wisdom.


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