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VA Feature: Ness Cathrine C. Montejo


Embraced by the remarkable will to remain strong despite unexpected encounters, Ness Cathrine C. Montejo (Juris Doctor-II), an aspiring lawyer from Silliman University, proves that no one is too weak for someone who does not falter in the face of adversities.

Ness, like other people, has gone through some lows in life. However, by following God’s directions and giving her best in everything that she does, may it be for her work, academic duties, or daughter responsibilities— she managed to finish strong without losing that fire in her soul.

Apart from her Juris Doctor degree, she is also the secretary in Salonga Center and the Lady Tresorerie in Portia Sorority.

Growing up, she shared how it sometimes got to her not having to see her father for months because of his job as an electrical engineer at sea. So it was her mother who took care of her most of the time.

Yet, even with the sudden ambush of familial longing, her love for her parents is stronger, and it swells with so much pride as she commends them for their unrivalled sacrifices.

She recalled some of her past struggles, too, where she had battled against her decisions and regrets in life, but as she let God’s course redirect her to the right one, she was able to become herself again.

Ripple Vas has become a big part of her transformations: “Working at Ripple has taught me that I am capable to test waters and go beyond what I thought were my limitations. It had taught me to compartmentalise and prioritise more. It also is amazing how people are so open and inspiring even though they may be miles away from you. For sure, this will give me a sense of direction that I know I needed.”

Ness described her experience in Ripples in three words, “opportunity-filled, challenging, and flexible”.

She admitted that with Ripple, everything fell into place. “As cheesy as it may sound, it (Ripple) felt like home. I could still work and do school at the same time because of the flexibility of time. Not everyone has the same opportunity, and I'm just grateful that I get to do this,” she said.

To other freelancers, hang on. You'll get to where you're meant to be,” she added.

With everything that has been going on, finding a purpose in life may be challenging. But Ness believes that we should “live life as it is a gift”. She claims that experiencing this life is an opportunity, and so, even if people don’t have the capabilities to do something as revolutionary as the others, yet for as long as we can change someone’s life by helping them the best way we can, that becomes our purpose.

Ness is one of our devoted Virtual Assistants that have the unyielding faith, the heart to serve, and the passion that dwells within despite everything.


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