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[VA Feature] Rose Mae Tecson: A Believer of Capacity, Perseverance, and Growth

Believing in the power of time management, discipline, and perseverance, Rose Mae Tecson ventured into the career of virtual assistance with no prior work experience. Despite this, Rose braved the industry as one of the virtual assistants under the Content & Marketing Department of Ripple VAs.

Rose, as her colleagues and friends may call her, is a student of Negros Oriental State University pursuing a degree in Secondary Education specializing in English. Anchoring her strength in her faith, knowledge, and dedication, Rose has shown her capacity as a virtual assistant and has proven that she is more than meets the eye.

An outstanding student with vast experiences in different fields, Rose finished Valedictorian in Junior High School and graduated with the Highest Honors from Silliman University Senior High School. She has brought herself to great heights and demonstrated her competencies as a journalist, orator, broadcaster, content writer, and content editor.

Her arsenal of diverse skills and talents allowed her to work at a Korean-established company assigned to create, edit, and manage content all while being a part-time writer at Ripple VAs. She believes that being able to work allows her to gain access to a wide array of possibilities and discover something rewarding.

“It’s very fulfilling,” Rose described her experience at Ripple VAs. Furthermore, she stated that she is drawn to Ripple as a company because it opens her to new skills and empowers her to utilize these skills to earn and learn.

After working for many months at Ripple VAs, she inevitably encountered difficulties and challenges — all of which she overcame through sheer dedication and willingness. She cited Ripple’s mentorship program as an enriching experience that has strengthened her spirit and character. In a hindsight, she sees writing outstanding stories about her fellow VAs as one of the most significant and inspiring milestones she has experienced in the company.

Rose remains goal-oriented and passionate about working at Ripple VAs. Now, she has become stronger and more inspired upon realizing her capacity to take hold of new pursuits and reach greater heights. Truly, a believer of capacity, perseverance, and growth.

Finally, Rose has left an insightful advice to all aspiring freelancers and virtual assistants: “Don’t be afraid to try something new. No one's perfect at first, but with hardwork and spiritual faith, you'll soon find your own groove and use it as your leverage to not only earn but learn at the same time.”


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