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VA FEATURE - Saira Lee Abigail Manzano Basarte: Bearer of Faith

Virtual assistants are no strangers to the statement ‘through hell and high water.’ However, this individual managed to conquer tribulations through God’s unrivaled strength. She is none other than Saira Lee Abigail Manzano Basarte, the bearer of faith and a living testament of spiritual belief.

Saira is an HRM graduate. Her hobby is painting. She likes listening to songs about worship and reading the bible for devotion. But behind such a peaceful persona is a woman who comes from a broken family.

She has six (6) siblings. She’s the youngest and the only daughter among the bunch. Her mother single-handedly raised them while instilling them with divine providence. Such spiritual habit became an integral part of her being.

Trials pierced her countless times, but faith and prayer saved her each time. After all, she believes that her purpose in life is to obey the commandments of God and preach His gospel to the world with a light heart.

She shares her proudest moments in life where she had finally said yes to the promptings of God in conducting discipleship publicly (with the crowd) despite being an introverted person. “Talking to many people is out of my comfort zone, very uncomfortable talaga siya, kaya I’m proud of myself na nagawa ko ‘yon,” she recalled.

As she grappled through hell and high water — her belief was strengthened. “I want to be remembered, not for my mortal self, but for the Words of God that I have left to people.”

Ripple has helped her realize these ideals and goals in life, “Thank you, Ripple, for allowing me to be part of your family and for being one of my mentors. In that way, I can share the Words of God sa ibang tao. I can’t imagine kung saan ako ngayon kung wala ang Ripple. Kaya I thank God for Ripple, kasi maraming buhay ang nabago dahil sa opportunity offered by them. I’m praying that God will bless this company even more.”

Furthermore, she reckons that in freelancing, one ought to grab not only job opportunities but also the chance to know the one true God through mentorship. “Grow your knowledge and experience with God,” she added.

Saira has shown us that nothing beats predicaments for as long as we have the heart to triumph over problems and the resolve to be a bearer of faith through God’s divine guidance.


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