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VA FEATURE: Yvonne Marie Loquinte - A Woman Strengthened by Dreams and Faith

She is clothed with strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future - this is how Yvonne Marie S. Loquinte, a rising dreamer and virtual assistant from Cebu City, illustrates herself, quoting Proverbs 31:25.

Yen, as her colleagues and friends call her, born on March 24, 1999, is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Marketing Management from the University of Cebu. Founding her strength in her faith in God, she has shown her potential and capability in her youth and has proven that she is more than meets the eye.

Bordering on her ideals of working to share the Goodness of God, Yen is currently working as the Executive Administrative Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Ripple VAs, in the person of Miss Jezrel Perez. She believes that her strong suits lie within her management skills. “Since I should be on top of the schedule of our CEO, I always make sure to note what needs to be prioritized every time”, she mentioned. She also actively keeps track of the time by setting alarms. This allowed her to move forward and showcase her professionalism.

Yvonne Marie “Yen” Loquinte is a dreamer and a faithful woman - she dreams of being a Rockstar VA while managing her own restaurant business. She fuels her dreams with her faith as she strongly institutes her career in accordance with God's plan. One of Yen’s ultimate dreams is to be able to use her profession to share and testify to the Goodness of God Almighty.

At a young age, she was already able to provide for her family. Yen started officially working with Ripple VAs in May 2020. Prior to this, she has already served in the industry by doing part-time work and research tasks at Ripple. She loves working as a virtual assistant because in this industry, she has more time for herself, for her family, and for God. Moreover, she appreciates it because she can have her office at home and is flexible with her schedule.

She eventually decided to continue to work full-time in the company because Ripple has helped her grow in many ways. “Ripple strengthens my relationship with God even more; being a mentor (in Ripple’s mentorship sessions) is really an answered prayer to share the Grace of God.”, she says.

Furthermore, her love to work with Ripple has intensified as she recounts the motivational culture of the company in acknowledging and appreciating the employees. She particularly likes the success-sharing culture of the company - “Your wins are their wins as well”, she said. Yen thanks Ripple’s contribution in shaping her and molding her to be the strong woman she is now.

Yen’s potential and capability are topnotch and she is competent enough to be recognized by the CEO of Ripple VAs herself. “Bringing Yvonne as my Executive Assistant is one of the best business decisions I made in the company. I see a lot of potential in her that I am positive that one day she will find her own breakthroughs”, Miss Perez said. “I truly thank God for her life. She made my life easier and because of her help, I am able to do more in the business and in my ministry”, she added.

Yen remains to be motivated and inspired to work as she remembers the promises of God and her dream of giving back to the community. Now, she has become stronger and more inspired upon realizing her capability to grow more. Truly, she is a woman strengthened by her faith and her dreams.


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